Feb 20, 2021

Wellness Tools to Help with Stiffness or Soreness

Wellness Tools to Help with Stiffness or Soreness

We don’t talk enough about the portability of the Hip Hook. That ache in your low back and hips from traveling? That’s what we’re here for.

The Hip Hook helps you straighten up after long hours of sitting. Because it doesn’t just give you a temporary feel-good stretch; it targets the root of muscle tension for long-term relief.

Thankfully, Travel & Leisure Magazine figured that out immediately and highlighted us in their Intelligent Traveller article: Take Wellness With You. They even pointed out the value of applying sustained pressure on stubborn muscle knots (that’s what we’re all about!)

Whether you’re trying to social distance in economy airline seats, taking that long-anticipated road trip, or sitting glued to your desk, your hip flexors are taking the brunt of it. And we’d like them to be able to take a vacation, too!

Plus, the Hip Hook is an easy fit in your travel bag. And, yes, plenty of our customers have taken it through airport security without a problem.

image of the Hip Hook feature within Travel + Leisure magazine